Get clear about your unique personal brand, position yourself to get noticed, and land a job you love.
(Or like. A lot.)

  • Are you bright, talented, and ready for a career change, but not sure where to get started?
  • You don’t want to waste precious time using ineffective strategies.
  • Unclear about assessing your marketability and positioning yourself in the job market?
  • Do you long to do something new, but you’re not sure if your skills and experience will translate?
  • Are you frustrated that your marketing materials are, ahem, boring?
  • Are you’re wondering if you’ve got what it takes to stand out, get noticed and land a great job?
  • Been out of the job search game for a while?

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

Thanks for the note! And thanks for your help! Really, really helpful. On to the next challenge now. Kicking butt at the new job.

JE, Senior Analyst, Public Policy

The combination of assessments & information-gathering with our conversations has helped me to focus upon what is essential. I not only left our first session feeling justifiably confident and competent, but also left feeling very confident in your guidance.

FB, Instructional designer

I feel like I have a partner in this intimating experience. It takes a world of stress off my shoulders. I’m opening doors of new possibilities I didn’t see before.

CR, Corporate Buyer

Thank you so much for the work we did together. Your support, guidance, and expertise was so valuable as I struggled to make sense of what to do and even maintain hope for landing a great gig. I can’t tell you how often I’d think, “just chill – Stacey says this is normal!” I’ve found an amazing position and your coaching on normalizing, self-awareness, and marketing myself was very valuable and ultimately a major factor. Thank you!

RK, People & Process Development Manager